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Our short start-up summary

For a huge number of consumers buying a new car is complex, tedious & time-consuming. 

crowd-o-moto is the first online marketplace for brand new cars, where customers are in the driver's seat. We offer our customers an easy way to get a transparent overview, save a lot of time and get better offers. 

Our Vision is to redefine the market logic in the automotive industry by establishing a platform that is driven by the thought to provide a new level of customer service.

Founded in 2014, we are already an awesome team of 12. As we seek to be the best in our business, we need you in our team! We offer an attractive work place in a fun and motivated start-up in the heart of Vienna. That's a promise!

Backend Developer

We are looking for someone who loves building web applications. You’ll be working as part of a team, creating new features and maintaining existing ones on a highly innovative web platform.

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Online Marketing Artist

This role is about expert knowledge and the ability to plan and execute all of crowd-o-moto’s digital marketing communications. Our goal is to find an experienced Marketer who is able to initiate, plan and deliver marketing campaigns.

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Marketing Intern

As an intern you will support cutting-edge marketing strategies, while learning fundamental marketing skills. You will be working in an incredibly fast moving business, and have the opportunity to make valuable contributions.

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