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Purchasing a brand new car has never been easier!

Come together with other buyers and get fleet-discounts, you normally wouldn't get on your own.

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This is how crowd-o-moto works:

First, crowd-o-moto crowds you with other people who are interested in purchasing the same car model as you, and then connects you with suitable car-dealers. You can choose between more than 11,000 offers and groups and select the one that suits you best—no matter whether you are interested in a BMW, a Chrysler, a Mini Cooper or a Ford. Configure your brand new car according to your personal preferences, or let us inspire you to find a car that perfectly suits your lifestyle.

Configure a brand new car

Configure your new car by selecting the car make, model and engine. According to your preferences, you can also add extra equipment, features and specs.

Configure a brand new car

Join a crowd

Join the crowd of people, who are interested in the same car-model as you are. Due to the benefits of crowding, you will receive more attractive offers than by negotiating directly with car dealers yourself.

Receive offers

Since you view all offers at a glance, you can easily compare between the different dealers. Due to the benefits of crowding together, you receive special conditions at really attractive prices. This is what we call the power of crowd-o-moto!

Receive offers

Purchase the car of your dreams

Select the most attractive and suitable offer and we will arrange the deal—free-of-charge and non-binding! Your preferred car dealer will then contact you regarding the transaction terms, payment conditions and the delivery of your dream car!

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